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Welcome to Ubuntu Discourse! This is your place for everything Ubuntu related! My name is Mack Rogers and I’m glad that you made it to my about page. I am 29 years old, father of two beautiful girls aged five and three and wife of a pretty 28-year-old woman. We are a young family located at New Orleans, happy with our everyday life. I am teaching my five-year-old daughter the basics of computer and she loves it. My wife and me are both Googlers and we’re also Linux enthusiasts primarily focused on Ubuntu. We’re using different operating systems at home, including chrome OS, Windows and MACs.

When I have a free time, I usually go to different online forums about Linux, Ubuntu in particular and help people there. I also write for this blog or teach my kids life values and of course, computing.

This website, Ubuntu Discourse, is primarily focused about discussing about the latest news, events and happenings within the Ubuntu operating system and community. I will also write about the latest tips, tricks, how-to and troubleshooting centered on Ubuntu and Linux-based OS. I will also create some personal opinion about the latest gossips and new features of the world’s most popular free operating system, so feel free to discuss them with your group too!

Overall, this website will help everyone wanting to know Ubuntu and Linux more and discover how great this free operating system is. You will open new vistas in the world of computing if you learned how to use at least two different OSes at the same time.


Hope you enjoy your reading!
Mack Rogers
Ubuntu Specialist and Googler