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Ubuntu is a operating system that gives flawless performance

Ubuntu is a operating system.

Ubuntu is a operating system Ubuntu is a operating which is Debian based and it is a Linux based operating system. Canonical Ltd is responsible for the development of this operating system. The company is owned by Mark Shuttleworth a businessman from South Africa. To get a complete overview about Ubuntu we should take a look at the features of this operating system.

Features of Ubuntu

You should keep in mind that the default version of Ubuntu comes with many software such as Transmission, Thunderbird, Firefox and LibreOffice. You will also get some games like Chess and Sudoku. The built in Software centre will give you access to software packages such as Synaptic, Pidgin, GIMP and Evolution. These packages can also be accessed from the package tool.

A little history on the development of Ubuntu

This operating system was made using the Debian architecture as a foundation. This operating system is highly compatible with Linux. The good thing is that the company releases updated versions ever six months. The company provides support on a long term basis which includes updates on the operating system stack, security patches and updates for any new hardware.

The packages of this operating system are modelled on the unstable branch from Debian. The packages from Ubuntu and Debian are not always compatible with one another and the packages may have to be recreated right from the source to be implemented in Ubuntu.

The process of Installing the operating system

The requirements vary with each Ubuntu product. A minimum of 5GB disk space is a must. You can use Flash drives to boot Kubuntu and Ubuntu, this will also allow you to save the portability of the system installed through a USB and the user settings too. The good news is that in the latest edition of Ubuntu, the USB creator is used to install the operating software on a flash drive. This will create a USB Drive that can be booted very easily. The version for the desktop can be installed by using Netboot image which utilizes the Debian based installer. This helps to configure automated deployments and upgrade older installations without any network.


The operating software was given the Reader award for outstanding performance in 2005. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength.

So if you go through all the points you will get a complete overview about Ubuntu and its benefits.

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