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Ubuntu is among the few trusted operating systems being used these days for desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smart TVs and tablets. It was released in 2004 by the renowned company Canonical Ltd. The name was actually derived from a Southern African philosophy Ubuntu which means HUMAN-NESS.

Because of its remarkable usefulness and their immediate customer service, Ubuntu is ideal for VPS hosting and setting up your server is as easy as how other operating system works. Of course, you need to be well-skilled in developing the entire project in order for it to work efficiently.

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The Scenario of Operating Systems in the World of Computers

Ubuntu is a operating system

The investment that is done on the internet is beyond measure, and then compared with their cellular telephones and iPods. It is simply for the most part occupied with interests through the establishment of computerized innovation. Web users are not different; they will be the one to update them always. The most recent briefing done and revealed by the results coming from counter available that a simple majority percentage of the global people operate Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu is an operating system that is far beyond than other operating systems. This is far behind from Windows 7 that targets a certain percentage of the worldwide mass. Mac OS, Windows Vista, and Windows XP have certain percentage, respectively. The investigation is done to find out which one is better between Window and Mac.

The world of competition:-

Linux cannot be a competitor of Windows 7. The talk of the town in London is Linux demands less than the windows 7. The Internet browser and the processor that makes the former better than the latter. The leader of the software says that Microsoft is making the best software company. The world is moving faster than expected in the world of software. The acceptance of Linux on the desktop is generally for the masses that earlier had versions of unlicensed versions, or had various other means of obtaining the best on their PC. We are really not fighting with people who may possibly be using Windows 7,” they stated in the e Forum on open-source software in an institution. We are regularly facing a number of problems in the world of software.

The world of software:-

The Web 2.0 companies have revealed excellent results in Linux and the staff of those companies does not need for OS whatsoever. They share their software in the state of the UK; the public sector might prefer the Linux. On the other hand, desktop Linux has actually been a different process for many of the companies who have a different look in the world of software.


Amazing firms have advanced in nations like the UK where you will find it is means of competition. It is truly a top organization that has a catch in to market for their updates, which are inevitably excellent, but even now, they are to make use of Linux best. This adds flavor to long-term development in the world of technology. Ubuntu Linux is not only much better than Windows OS, but it also includes an application that is free and has faster web processors. This processor is faster and the look is great. Whether you have any kind of device, you can easily have this on your system. Ubuntu Linux is for the business class. If you want the best of the technology, serving you than the best option is the Ubuntu Linux. The operating system that is required of you can be got from the best of the expert’s advice. Working on Ubuntu Linux is a very good practice. The features of the operating system are plenty and the work is done without paying any other person for the maintenance of the computer. You can do a Comparative of Ubuntu, Windows and Mac to decide the best one for you. The experience is of a different find in it s usage.

Comparison of Ubuntu, Windows and Mac

There are three popular operating systems being used today and they are Microsoft Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. The most popular and most widely used operating system is Microsoft’s Windows, which was introduced in 1985. Second to that is Apple’s Mac OS, which was introduced in 1984. And last but steady growing and certainly not the least, Ubuntu/Linux based operating systems, with Ubuntu introduced in 2004 and the actual kernel, Linux was conceived in 1991. The market share is fairly unfair with Windows being used by 90% of desktop computers, 7% for Mac OS and 1.3% for Linux based operating systems. However, the last has been steadily increasing since 2012. Let’s see some comparison among the three most popular operating systems, Windows, Mac and Windows.

Microsoft Windows

The most popular and most widely used operating system for desktop computers, Microsoft Windows can be seen through home, office, industries, banks and more. However, with the rise of mobile devices, it lost against Linux based Androids and Apple’s iOS operating systems.

It has the widest number of software to choose from as most games are created solely for the Windows Operating system. In addition to that, it also has the widest number of designing software, editing software, office software and more. It’s also used by POS systems, banking systems, schools and even home users.

Its popularity has its own downside such as high number of viruses and hacking attempt. It also comes with a very high price tag and it uses a lot of system resources because of the need for additional pieces of software like firewall and antiviruses.


Many computer newbies don’t know that Mac is actually a year older than Microsoft’s Windows. In fact, it’s the first successful graphical operating system that was released a year before Windows came to life.

Because Mac is not as popular as Windows, viruses and hackers often leave it behind, targeting only Windows machine, thus making it less vulnerable to viruses. Mac needs Apple devices to run, thus hardware compatibilities are almost insignificant and you can expect that it will run smoother compared to Windows based machine installed on a fairly mid-level system.

However, it’s really expensive compared to Windows. In addition to that, you can’t install Mac on a non-apple computer, thus making it much more expensive as we all know that Apple computers really pack a punch in its price tag. In addition to that, if you love playing PC games, you might just want to purchase a Windows machine instead.


We all know that Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux flavor out there, thus making it the largest community. That means you can expect a lot of technical documentation and meet a number of friendly people online. Linux if free so is Ubuntu and you don’t need to pay a dime to install it on a thousand machines. You can even modify it with your own preferences if you have the skills.

Ubuntu’s UI looks great and it runs smoother compared to Windows on the same machine. It’s also very customizable, allowing you to change its user interface completely if you want to. Plus, with Valve’s move to launch steamOS, a Linux based operating system; we can see a large number of AAA games being ported to the Linux systems.

However, if you need more productivity, then Ubuntu might not be the one for you. It’s also a bit more complicated to use compared to the two and might need a bit more learning curve to be heralded as an Ubuntu power user.

What is Linux?

If you’re a beginner in the world of Ubuntu, then you’re probably getting confused about a common term that they usually discuss, Linux. In order to become well versed in using the Ubuntu operating system, you need to have a good knowledge about Linux. In this post, we’ll introduce you about the basics of the Linux kernel.

Brief History

In the early 1980s, an operating system is very popular and it was called UNIX, however, there’s a lack of sharing and improvement for the system. Therefore, somebody created an operating system, which also works like UNIX. The difference is that this version of UNIX can be shared and improved by its users. This is called MINIX, which is primarily a teaching tool.

Then, a group called GNU project write the new operating system called GNU, which is short for GNU’s Not Unix. However, they don’t have all the components they need to create a fully working OS and Linus Torvalds began to create a replacement for MINIX, which is free to use for anyone, and later became the Linux kernel.

In short, Linux is not the actual operating system, it’s the kernel used by Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu. The kernel is what made these free operating systems free of charge.

Uses of Linux

Linux is first deployed for use with servers. Today, most websites are run using the Linux operating system because of its speed and low resources usage. And while it was a popular operating system for servers until today, Linux found its way to desktop computers as well as mobile phones and even wristwatches and supercomputers.

Top Linux Distribution

There’s a number of increasing Linux distributions around the internet and choosing from them can be a very daunting task, especially if you are new to Linux. But it would be biased if we were going to tell you that Ubuntu is the best just because we’re focusing on Ubuntu. So, we’re going to list the most popular Linux distros over the internet.

Distributions are kept up by private people and business entities. A conveyance can be introduced utilizing a CD that contains appropriation particular programming for introductory framework establishment and arrangement. For the clients, most mainstream conveyances offer full grown application administration frameworks that permit clients to hunt, discover, and put in new applications with simply a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Here they are…

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian
  4. Mageia
  5. Fedora
  6. openSUSE
  7. Arch Linux
  8. CentOS
  9. PCLinuxOS
  10. Slackware Linux

In the end, people will need to choose depending upon their preferences and level of expertise. For beginners, Linux Mint and Ubuntu are best. For medium users, openSUSE and Fedora are best while for expert power users, Arch Linux and FreeBSD are for you.